About Us

Preparing for your holidays is part of the fun

Husband and wife team Voytek and Jeanette Lasek launched Travel by Design in 2003.
A lot has happened since then. Our team have won a number of business awards including Local Business Awards Best Travel Agency in 2004, 2007, 2009, 2010.
With hundreds of clients throughout Australia, Europe and America we have established a worldwide "travel family" who share an exuberance for travelling to new destinations, that have been on their dream list for years.
Our aim is simple - to combine great holiday experiences with value, simple one to one communication and ease and enjoyment throughout the entire booking process. At Travel by Design we have countless happy clients who trust our advice and rely on our knowledge and care to provide the "wow" experience time after time.
Jeanette Lasek is also a practicing Pilates enthusiast. A ‘flowing yet powerful fusion of mind and movement’ is how Jeanette describes Pilates.

Jeanette’s dedication to Pilates began over twenty years ago, when working as a dancer and choreographer she experienced its benefits.

“Many of my colleagues were sustaining chronic injuries which in some cases shortened their careers. I know now that by practicing the Pilates Method, I was fortunate to remain injury free with strength, balance and good flexibility.” After 20 years in the Fitness industry, Pilates and Aquatic rehabilitation, Jeanette believes that practising the Pilates Method is a unique and truly holistic form of exercise that conditions the body to combat the stresses and strains of daily life. She loves seeing the joy on her clients’ faces when they can move more freely and feel stronger. Having also worked in the corporate world, Jeanette fully understands the stress which accumulates in the body over time causing a multitude of postural issues which can be detrimental not only to work performance, but also to life outside of the office environment.

“My enthusiasm for working with my corporate clients and helping them to discover their own natural movement mechanics is key. It helps them ‘unlock’ their body and unwind so that their day at work becomes less stressful to their body and their psychological state improves.

Employers also see a great benefit in having happier, healthier employees and that naturally brings more productivity and less time off due to illness, injury or stress in the long term.”

Jeanette holds qualifications in three Pilates styles as well as Fitness, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Psychology, Teaching and Business studies. She is a mother of three children and, with her husband, she is the Co- Director and owner of the multi award winning Travel by Design in Sydney. Along with such accolades, Jeanette has trained everyone from Olympic athletes, film producers, competitive professional dancers and individuals in post-operative rehabilitation.